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How Can Your Office Benefit from LED Lighting?

Most companies today still rely on fluorescent lights to illuminate their offices. These lights are not only outdated technology, but they also carry ill effects to workers. Here are some of the reasons why fluorescent lights should be replaced in the workplace:

Contents inside fluorescent lights are toxic

Fluorescent lights have been known to contain toxic chemicals such as mercury. When a fluorescent lamp breaks, mercury escapes as vapors that can be inhaled. Its fine powder can also seep into the carpet and other office furniture. The harmful effects of mercury can target your nervous, digestive and immune systems, lungs and kidneys, and some cases, can be fatal.

Old technology is costing you more

LEDtronics Thin Flat Panel Lights at Tesoro Logistics

Old technology lighting like HID or fluorescent lights is quick to go out. More often than not, they aren’t replaced right away, leading to a low-light work environment that can negatively affect how people function and perform at their job.

Another big issue is when the lighting is installed in a hard-to-access location. You would then have to call for maintenance and possibly shut down operations in the area. All of which costs you additional time and money on top of the cost of the replacement lighting itself that you have to buy again!

LED lights will help you save money

Typical lifespan, depending on usage:

  • Fluorescent: 7,000 to 15,000 hours
  • HID: 6,000 to 24,000 hours
  • LED: up to 50,000+ hours

LED lights clearly have a far longer light lifespan than the rest! With much longer light hours, you don’t have to constantly change your office lights. It will not only save you money on your energy bill, but also save the hassle of having to change your lights every month.

LED lights are good for both your work and planet’s environment

LEDtronics Thin Flat Panel Light at BQE Software

Unlike fluorescents, LED lights are good for the environment because they don’t contain any toxic chemicals. When it comes to your workplace, you can see the immediate positive effects that it has in the office. Employees will feel more at ease in the workplace when it comes to LEDs, because they do not require time to warm up and brighten like old-style lighting does. LED lights also do not flicker, saving employees from getting headaches and helping avoid eyestrain.

Advanced lighting features

With LED lights, you can easily customize their setting to fit your office needs. Our LED lights feature advance settings like tunable colors and wattages, 3-step dimming, and daylight & occupancy sensors.

Make your workplace a healthier and cost-effective environment by investing in premium quality LED lights from LEDtronics that will make a positive difference with both the employees, as well as your energy bill!