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What Part do LED Lights Play in Road Safety?

LEDs are known for their energy-efficiency and green-friendly benefits, but did you know that LED lights could also save lives? LED lights are now being installed in different applications such as brake lights in cars, outdoor street lights, traffic lights and more. These applications have one thing in common, and it’s about how LEDs help in road safety.

How driving with LED brake lights keep you safe

After the driver hits the brake pedal, old incandescent type brake lights take roughly under one second to light up. LED brake lights, on the other hand, are virtually instant on. The difference in the turn on time between the two while driving at 5 miles per hour seems negligible. However, what about at 75 miles per hour or more?

Consider that the human mind takes time to register that there is a need to brake, and then there is more time for the body to react and hit the brake pedal. Then consider going at 75 miles per hour, the amount of space it takes for the car to come to a complete stop. In this case, the difference between the turn on time of LED brake lights and incandescent brake lights can be the difference between life and death.

Incandescent lights are also far less durable than LED lights and don’t last nearly as long either. It’s essential to have brake light that you can rely on while you’re on the road. Imagine being on the highway and suddenly hitting the brakes only for the brake lights not to function.

LED brake lights can last for up to 10 years or more because of their solid-state technology. Unlike LED lights, incandescent contain filament, which can easily break. LEDs lights are engineered to better withstand harsh driving conditions, and they’re also known to produce much less heat. For these reasons, many car manufacturers have begun using LED technology in their brake lights. Not only that, but LED lights are also being used for vehicle interior lighting and headlights.

Making roadways safe with LED lighting

It’s necessary to have lighting that keeps you safe while you’re on the road, and that’s why proper nighttime visibility is so important. Many accidents occur when roads are poorly lit or worse, there’s no lighting at all.

Torrance – Madrona Street Lights

Many poorly lit streets are located in hard to reach areas like mountain or hillside roadways, making the frequent replacement of lighting inconvenient. This problem is easily solved with LED lights. LEDs are known to far outlast old technology lighting. This means replacing lights is kept to a minimum. Another safe application of LED lights on the road is traffic lights. LED traffic lights are proven to emit brighter lighting, which makes them easy to see in challenging driving conditions such as rain, fog, or even bright sunlight. Not only that, but installing long-lasting LEDs in traffic signals means no longer worrying about traffic lights frequently going out.

Investing in safety

Whether you are driving or walking, being surrounded with bright, reliable lighting will increase your safety, which is always the number one priority. That’s why it’s wise to invest in LED lights. Not only will you be replacing the lights much less often, but it will also cost less in the long run. Stay safe and save energy!